A Powerful Money Prayer

Money is a complicated issue in our society. Many negative beliefs have been attached to money and, to some extend, most people feel unworthy of having much of it. However, I would like to present a different perspective on money. One that I hope will change your mind and open you to the results of a powerful money prayer I wil share in this post.

All things are energy, including money. Money has no motives or desires. It is simply a tool that can fund wars or build hospitals. Some of us have heard the expression “Money is the root of all evil” and maybe those individuals still believe that on some level. However, this expression is incorrect. The real quote is “The love of money is the root of all evil.” It is greed that causes people to use money in disastrous ways. Once you come to terms with the idea that money is neutral…simply a tool to be used like a hammer or a screwdriver, you can begin to set aside your “issues” about having more of it.

To pray for more money, we have to first understand that prayers of supplication (begging and pleading for something) hardly ever bring results. If you come to a prayer with the attitude of “I don’t have this and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get it so please, please, PLEASE give this to me” you can expect dismal results.

Instead, you have to shift your attitude to one of power. We are all co-creators of our experience and our thoughts, feelings and words are very powerful. Speak (pray) as though you have the power to create something real in your life. Know that your words are bringing into reality your desire. Expect as strongly as you do when you go to bed at night that you will wake up in the morning that what you’ve prayed for will come. You might be thinking “But waking up tomorrow is one thing and getting more money is another.” I would like to point out, though, that you have no guarantee that you’ll wake up tomorrow; you just assume that you will. You’ve seen that every day for the past x number of years you’ve woken up and you see no reason to believe that you won’t wake up tomorrow but where’s your guarantee?

The same is true with money or anything else you wish to bring into your life. The difference, though, is how you approach the situation. Rather than assume that the money will come because you’ve called it to you, you choose to assume it won’t because it hasn’t so far. This mistake of assming that the past produces the future is what leads to so many failed prayers.

If past results truly indicated future performance, you would never have learned to walk. There was a point where all you could do was fall down each time you took a step. If you had decided that this was going to be the result each time you tried to walk, you’d still be crawling around on your hands and knees. Instead, you adapted and changed your sense of balance and there came a point when falling wasn’t the norm; in fact it became a rarity. So don’t assume that becuase money has been hard to find before that it must continue to be that way.

Now for the prayer:

Relax and release any tension in your body. Let your mind relax as well.

Imagine the exact amount of money you need or want to come into your life.

See it there

Now speak out loud these words or words similar to them- “I claim that the amount of _________(state the amount you want to come to you) is in my hands by _______ (give a specific  time and date. Example- Noon on Saturday, May 9 of 2009).” Now see that amount of money in your hands. Know that it is there. Now honestly give thanks and release the idea.

Releasing means not to obsess over it or decide how it’s going to happen. Simply trust that the result will come about.

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